National Federation Friends

The IGA is very pleased to work with a number of National Federations (NFs). 

Through these partnerships, the IGA and NFs can achieve a significantly positive development in the recognition and perception of the international groom’s role. Federations pay a small donation to be an official National Federation Friend.

These partnerships signal an official relationship with the international grooms’ professional body. This in turn signifies the NF’s commitment to the grooms that are associated with their teams. 

• Partnership is a great way to demonstrate to the public, athletes, owners, and sponsors that these NFs respect their grooms and understand the dedication and skill required to care for international competition horses.

• The IGA works with the NFs to develop their own careers advice and promotion of the positive opportunities of working internationally.

• We are all aware of the challenges posed by the current focus on the equestrian social license. Grooms are an essential part of a positive social licence. The IGA assists with planning and creating positive social license information.

• Being National Federation Friend creates the opportunity to have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) impact and give back to the heroes of equestrian sport.


If you are interested in becoming a National Federation Friend get in touch at