Grooms' Voice

The International Grooms Association (IGA) is the representative voice of the international grooms.

The FEI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the 2022 FEI Sports Forum.

The signing of the MOU is the culmination of many years of discussion and planning and marks the start of a new era for international grooms.

FEI President Ingmar De Vos 

Member consultations

One of the main benefits of IGA membership is to ensure that your voice and opinions are heard.Ingmar De Vos and Lucy Katan

The signing of the MOU signifies a moment in time in how the FEI listens to and acts upon the requests of the workforce of our international level sports.

There is only one groom's representative body that the FEI will now collaborate with and that is the IGA – this is what the MOU signifies.  

The IGA will conduct periodic member consultations and feedback its findings and recommendations to the FEI Grooms Consultative Group, which is chaired by former groom and former FEI Executive Board member, Frank Kemperman.

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The only grooms that will have their voices heard will be those that belong to their professional membership association – the IGA. 

So to have your voice heard, and make your opinions count, join the IGA today!